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Tip Tuesday: Cultivating a Culture of Appreciation with My Favorites Sheets

At the start of each school year kick things off with a heartwarming tradition- the My Favorites Sheet. It's a simple yet powerful practice that knits teams closer together and sparks joy.

Every staff member takes a moment to jot down their favorite things using the form provided (download below), and then the sheets are collected and placed in a binder at the front office. Families are made aware of the binder and many come in and peruse it to get ideas for gifts or treats. Some families have asked our secretary to scan it and send them a copy, which has worked great. The binder is also utilized frequently amongst staff to find out favorite treats to gift to co-workers.

In a world that often seems too fast-paced for personal connection, the binder is a testament to the enduring value of knowing and appreciating each other. It's tradition that encapsulates the essence o a school community- one that thrives on kindness, connection, and the simple joy of making someone's day a bit brighter.

This Tip Tuesday was submitted by Area 3 Representative Kim Aman. She can be reached at

Staff Favorite Things
Download PDF • 41KB

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