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SDAESP Names New State Editor

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Tasha Gatzemeyer has been appointed as the State Editor for SDAESP, a role she assumed during the ASBSD/SASD Joint Conference in Sioux Falls in early August. Entering her third year as the principal of Lincoln Elementary in Aberdeen, Gatzemeyer is set to invigorate the Association's online presence. The reintroduction of the State Editor position underscores the organization's commitment to amplifying its digital footprint. Gatzemeyer's primary responsibility will encompass the oversight of SDAESP's website and social media channels. Recognizing the challenges that educators face today, SDAESP emphasizes the significance of fostering positive narratives around educational institutions and taking charge of their narrative. Gatzemeyer enthusiastically shares, "I am thrilled by this opportunity and eagerly anticipate supporting fellow principals while showcasing the remarkable daily occurrences within our schools."

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