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Introducing... Tip Tuesday!

We are rolling out a new feature called "Tip Tuesday," where a member of our SDAESP board will be sharing a useful tip to help you add to your list of ideas/resources. Without further adieu, check out this awesome suggestion coming at you from Dr. Samantha Walder, principal of Legacy Elementary in Tea...

As Principals we know a key to a great year is timely and consistent communication with our School Community. In order to set yourself up for communication success, take a note from the social media and marketing influencers: Batch Your Work In Advance!

How? Using a program like Canva, create an easily recognizable template for announcements. Keep the color, font and message format simple.

When? Before school even starts, create announcements for Open House, Picture Day, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Early Release Schedules, and Concerts.

Where? On all social media platforms and in Infinite Campus, schedule messages to send for the whole first semester. When using Infinite Campus, the adhoc will also pull from the most recent student contact lists so you do not have to update a listserv! As a general rule of thumb, anything that is a change in the school day and may impact a parent/ guardian’s work schedule is announced three times (90 days, 30 days and 10 days prior). All other announcements are scheduled 10 days and two days prior to the event.

What does this look like? Here is an example of what the announcements could look like. It is important to keep the images the same color and easily recognizable for you to “Brand” what your school community should be looking for each time an announcement is made from the Principal’s Office.

Extra Tip: Did you know you can get a Canva Account using your K12 email address? Use the Sign in with Google Feature to get access to the additional EDU Features from Canva and collaborate with colleagues!

If you have more questions about this tip, reach out to Dr. Walder @swalder7 on Twitter or on the K12 email system!

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